In this post, we take a closer look at how the Production Scheduler feature has been improved in the latest release of Sage Enterprise Management.

Opportunities for growth, or even just survival, in the Australian manufacturing industry hinge on innovating through improved products, processes and methods. Investing in high-tech equipment is one piece of the puzzle. Another is the digital transformation of your business systems.

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution built with manufacturers’ needs front and centre. One of the most valuable features of Sage Enterprise Management for manufacturers is the powerful Production Scheduler tool.

We’ve written previously about the way Production Scheduler allows manufacturers to undertake interactive planning and scheduling for real-time control of their production plan.

Since then a new version of Sage Enterprise Management has been released, which included improvements to help manufacturing businesses to further streamline scheduling and optimise production.


New Production Scheduler capabilities in Version 12 will make planning more precise

Production Scheduler was a boon for manufacturers when it was introduced in the previous major release of Sage Enterprise Management.

It provides a visual grid that simplifies the work involved in scheduling work orders and resources, and adjusting a schedule based on changes or constraints. Planners can literally drag and drop orders up and down a timeline based on production progress or if material availability changes.

Graphical scheduling saves time and effort for planners. Combined with Sage Enterprise Management MRP functionality, it gives greater visibility of the inputs and shop floor capacity that affect your ability to produce goods on time.

If a finished product is made up of multiple work orders, you can see when one runs late and how it will impact other sub-orders (and associated people/machinery), and shift the end date accordingly.

The latest version of Sage Enterprise Management builds on the available functionality and updates the graphical interface to make it even more user-friendly.

Improvements to Production Scheduler in the latest release revolve around establishing clearer links between material availability and work orders. You can more easily identify dependencies between work orders and raw material availability to improve planning and capacity to promise.

This includes the ability to:

  • Include a First Date of Material Availability (FDMA) calculation, which indicates the first date that materials will be available in the required quantity, for each component as a new constraint in the optimisation of your operations.
  • Create links between child and parent work orders to optimise the start of production of a final product, or operations that require a semi-finished product, with the first shipping of semi-finished products.
  • Define custom fields to include new criteria such as product category and sales order.
  • Have more flexibility in detailed scheduling of waiting and post-operation time, for example: to manage the cooling of a material during the break time of a machine.
  • Fix the start date of an operation which automatically blocks out the date in Production Scheduler.


Extra production enhancements in the latest release of Sage Enterprise Management

In addition to improvements to Production Scheduler, these new features will make life easier for your complex manufacturing business:

  • Non-conformance management: When things go wrong—with a product, service, process, a customer or supplier, or within the system itself—you need tools to help you address the problem. By boosting existing quality processes in Sage Enterprise Management, the new non-conformance functionality allows you to identify issues, plan and track corrective actions and complete follow-up reviews. This is essential for meeting compliance obligations.
  • Enhancements to versioning: It’s now possible to take into account version numbers when undertaking a mass replacement and deletion. Users with high-level permissions can make critical changes (add, update, remove) to operations or components of a work order where both the product and the routing are versioned, and revision history can be viewed to ensure traceability. In addition, the routing import template now includes fields related to versions such as Major version and Minor version.
  • Greater definition of suppliers at the product-site level: You can now define suppliers and default-supplier on Product-site level, at both the MRP and planning stages.
  • More security and control around weighing: Improve security with a new option to prompt users to enter their login and password during each weighing. For traceability, you can also see a users code when you view the weighing history. You can now flag master containers: that allows you to view weigh status and perform reconciliations by master container. More fields relating to containers have been added to the BOM component lines. A new feature called Component sequence control gives you the ability to control the sequence in which components are weighed.

Sage Enterprise Management continues to evolve and meet the specific needs of innovative manufacturing businesses looking to gain more control over their planning and production line.

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