This blog post looks at the roadmap for Sage in the Asia-Pacific region and what you can expect in the mid-to-long-term future from this exciting software vendor.

Sage is an innovative software company that continues to invest in future growth. The company is accelerating the pace of transition to a cloud-first model and making fundamental improvements that will ensure it remains a leader in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software market for many years to come.


Version 12 of Sage Enterprise Management signals the start of big things

Recently Sage released Version 12 of its signature software for unified business process management, Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management. The latest version of Sage Enterprise Management reflects the company’s innovative approach and sets the stage for a series of bold moves that will deliver incredible benefits for small to medium enterprises.

Sage is continuously investing in its cloud-based, SaaS subscription model and leveraging bleeding edge technologies to do so. Sage’s ERP harnesses the power and security of Amazon Web Services—and further enhancements to the underlying cloud computing infrastructure has made it an even more open platform.

Version 12 of Sage Enterprise Management represents a significant upgrade of legacy layers to make the solution better to use, smarter and faster, and more flexible for developers. This is characterised by:

  • A new responsive design for true mobility and improved user experience. Screens scale to fit any kind of device across all operating systems including Windows 10. It doesn’t just ‘work’ on a different screen size—the interface adapts to the optimal layout for the device you’re using. For example, taking into account the size of text fields and the corresponding titles to get the best use of the available space. This improvement means its simpler for employees to use the solution’s screen designer to create their own mobile apps with specific functionality pertinent to their role.
  • A new platform to deliver best of breed complementary solutions. Version 12 enables limitless integration through web services and APIs, including the GraphQL API framework and Data Integration API. The breadth and depth of the Sage Business Cloud is one of the most beneficial features of using Sage Enterprise Management: giving small to medium businesses the freedom to pick and choose from a connected ecosystem of compatible products that augment their core ERP solution. A more consistent API layer will make the Sage Business Cloud a more attractive option for developers seeking to build complementary applications that augment the Sage ERP solution.

The latest release also flags the beginning of a more regular update cadence. This is a future-focused move designed to ensure the product is secure, compliant and highly functional.

A shorter update cycle means smaller batches, making the process more effortless and causing less disruption to day-to-day operations while ensuring you’re always working on the most current version.


What else lies ahead for the development of Sage Enterprise Management?

Sage is focused on offering superior customer experience and a solution that makes doing business faster and more intuitive. That’s demonstrated by the company’s commitment to cloud technology, versatile cloud deployments, and plans for new approaches that enable faster deployment and configuration for businesses.

The company’s roadmap for the future will also ensure that businesses using Sage Enterprise Management can benefit from:

  • Robotics, AI, and Internet of Things: Automated processes and workflows are already a key benefit for Sage Enterprise Management. Making it even easier for businesses to apply emerging technologies to: reduce manual effort, improve the way they deliver to customers, enhance customer experience, and reveal insights, is all on the cards. Sage is already considering use cases and thinking about the way sensors, bots and cutting-edge digital tools can coordinate seamlessly with Sage Enterprise Management.
  • Compliance and risk management: Highly regulated industries looking to tighten their governance, compliance and risk management processes won’t be caught out—ensuring Sage Enterprise Management has the global scope required to monitor local geopolitical trends and account for legal and taxation changes will continue to be a focus.


A future with Sage Enterprise Management is a smart investment

A technologically-advanced foundation, a responsive interface, and a connected ecosystem of products and complementary applications, define the future direction of Sage Enterprise Management.

It’s good news for small to medium businesses that want to leverage emerging technology and aren’t convinced by the idea of a ‘one system fits all’ approach in a business environment that evolving so rapidly.

Sage is steadily realising a vision to enable businesses to quickly and painlessly adopt the exact right mix of functionality, at the opportune time, from one convenient platform. That means when you implement Sage Enterprise Management you can rest easy knowing that:

  • You can benefit from secure and scalable cloud computing and subscription model;
  • You can access the whole-of-business management features you need across accounting and finance, industry and supply chain management, and business intelligence and analytics; and
  • Sage’s connected ecosystem negates the dilemma of vendor lock-in versus the challenge of maintaining disparate systems.

That’s an important differentiator if your business wants to remove the disadvantages and silos that arise from using a suite of unconnected software to manage a range of interdependent processes.

Sage is a company with the foresight to understand the value in making life simpler for businesses: meaning you can develop your own tailored—yet comprehensive, tightly integrated and cutting-edge—set of features, to manage the future growth of your business.

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