Discover how the functionality of Sage Enterprise Management can help you manage multiple warehouses and put your business on the cutting-edge of digital warehouse management.

Running a wholesale distribution business is tricky and getting trickier. More than ever before, the accuracy and speed of warehouse and logistics management are key competitive drivers.

Your reseller and retail customers are looking to maximise every angle when it comes to boosting sales, increasing market share and edging out competitors. That means you also need to maximise every angle in terms of how you hold, manage and move stock to meet their needs.

Increasingly, the success of wholesale and distribution operations depends on running a paperless warehouse. Going digital can greatly enhance one aspect of warehouse efficiency that doesn’t get enough attention—how well you manage the interplay of stock levels and movement between multiple warehouses or locations.

A robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management skilfully handles the management of multiple warehouses to give growing wholesale distribution companies the upper hand.


Your footprint matters when customer needs come first

Every facet of a product’s lifecycle and every touch point in the customer journey is now under closer scrutiny, as brands to win the long-term loyalty of consumers. In today’s end-to-end, omnichannel business world, control over distribution is actually control over customer experience.

The shift in what people expect from their shopping experience is part of the reason that large distributors establish multiple warehouses. Multiple warehouses in ideal positions help your business to optimise availability and delivery time to your customer base in different regions.

Managing a multiple warehouses distribution business with Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3)

If you run a complex, mid-sized wholesale distribution company, you’ll likely service customers across multiple states, Australia-wide, or in multiple countries, with warehouses in each key location. You may also have a network of sub-contracted warehouses or have stock sitting with customers on consignment.

All of these factors increase the complexity of inventory management, order fulfilment, picking, packing, and delivery. You need to keep a close watch on inventory levels, avoid dead stock, and balance purchasing with demand across each location—plus manage inter-site trading and transfers.


How Sage supports multiple warehouse management

Streamlining the management of multiple warehouses so you can increase your customers’ satisfaction (and help them satisfy their end consumers) is easy with Sage Enterprise Management.

Sage has the features you’d expect to increase precision on the warehouse floor, like:

  • Bin and route management to improve picking.
  • Dedicated or random stock locations, and stock groupings.
  • Multiple stock and packing units of measure.
  • Simplified stock counts and valuations.
  • Batch, serial number and used-by-date tracking.
  • Tools to help you analyse turnover, forecast accurately and be alerted when to re-order.

In addition, for multiple warehouse management, Sage Enterprise Management can help you:

  • Automate inter-site and inter-company transfers and orders.
  • Manage replenishment using stock between different warehouses.
  • Gain visibility into stock with sub-sub-contractors or on consignment (included in your system and stock counts until sold).
  • Manage stock access control by type of user or transaction within different warehouses.
  • Set up allocation policies to determine which warehouse stock is allocated from (if held in multiple locations).


Multiple warehouse transactions management with sage X3 ERP Software


Using a unified ERP solution like Sage Enterprise Management means multi-warehouse management feeds into other business functions like purchasing and complex finances.

Let’s say you have a subsidiary with a warehouse based in the UK that is actually a customer of your Australian head office, purchasing goods from your warehouse based in Sydney. Within Sage Enterprise Management, when your UK arm submits a purchase order—a sales order is automatically generated for your Australian team. When the goods are shipped and an AP invoice is created, this is reflected in the UK region’s books automatically too.

Here’s another scenario where Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management makes wholesale operations across multiple warehouses easier:

  1. A retail customer says they want their order fulfilled using 100 units of stock with a minimum of 10 weeks shelf-life.
  2. Sage’s highly accurate inventory management tools enable you to track used-by dates and determine the exact amount and the exact aisle and shelf that available stock is located.
  3. You see you have 100 units available in one warehouse, but only 25 have the valid expiry date range.
  4. You find the other 75 units in a different warehouse, and add the two amounts on one sales order.
  5. Your dispatch teams receive the order information electronically as well as precise instructions about where and how to pick the stock.
  6. Pickers using handheld devices to scan information about stock as they pick, which automatically updates stock counts within Sage.
  7. Stock is located, packed and labelled accurately and delivered to customers on time.


Distributors are vital to satisfied consumers

Only those companies with water-tight supply chain management can expect to thrive in a global marketplace where consumers expect greater transparency, choice, immediacy and exclusivity.

For wholesalers, that puts pressure on both how you operate your own business, and how your operations impact your customers’ business. You can’t be the weak link in the chain and expect your business to thrive. Wholesale distributors running a complex business with multiple warehouses need finely-tuned, digital systems.

If you want to increase efficiency across multiple warehouses, start a conversation with us about the benefits of Sage Enterprise Management.  Phone us on 1300 045 046 or email

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