Discover how Sage Enterprise Management empowers process manufacturers to control and refine their processes, even as they increase their preparedness to respond and grow faster.

Producing high-quality goods in bulk quantities from ingredients or raw materials creates an operational environment where accuracy at every stage can make or break your business. It’s a challenge faced daily by businesses across industries including food and beverage; chemicals; minerals, plastics; pharmaceuticals; and biotechnology.


Consistency starts with precision

When you’re producing large batches, significant processing issues don’t just affect one or two items, but a large number of goods. Those goods are destined for customers that expect their products to be made to a high standard, and safe for consumption in the case of food, drinks, drugs and supplements.

Getting it right starts with the timely, cost-effective procurement of raw substances or fresh produce. Then the precision of the manufacturers’ recipes and formulas come into play—which must work in concert with production or cooking processes, equipment and labour—in order for an impeccable end product to be the result.

Not to mention stringent regulatory oversight and an ongoing obligation to maintain top-notch quality control measures.


Change is also a constant

Process manufacturers must also contend with variability and customers’ evolving expectations, which means agility is another requirement to truly succeed.

Fluctuations in customer demand, the need to bring new products to market, and the changing availability of raw materials must all be accounted for within short timeframes.  

For example, in Australia drought conditions led to disrupted supply and higher prices for a range of agricultural inputs, affecting food and beverage manufacturers who represent our country’s largest manufacturing sub-sector.

Globally, consumer interest is growing in plant-based eating, health and wellbeing, and sustainability—which for manufacturers puts the focus on more exotic ingredients, ‘clean label’ products that demonstrate transparency, and even personalisation such as companies that tailor the production of nutrient supplements for an individuals’ specific health needs.  


Readiness relies on tech

How can process manufacturers harmonise their need for control and accuracy, with the need to remain responsive to market volatility and consumer trends?

The Manufacturing Leadership Council—which comprises senior manufacturing executives worldwide—believes one of the industry’s most critical issues to address in 2019 is moving closer to a future state of digitally-enabled production readiness. They envision cross-functional, collaborative and highly integrated enterprises that use digital systems to more rapidly meet evolving demands and competition.

One of the most effective tools to ensure you can streamline, automate and adapt to change is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution such as Sage Enterprise Management. Sage Enterprise Management for process manufacturing can help businesses address all their pain points simultaneously.

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Sage functionality process manufacturers need

By leveraging an ERP solution like Sage Enterprise Management that’s designed with manufacturers in mind, you can better control processes, improve new product development, make more informed decisions and scale with greater ease.

Key features of Sage Enterprise Management that make it the best choice for process manufacturing businesses:

  • Formula/recipe management: Ensure a single point of truth for formula information and that it can be shared effectively across the business. Plus, automate more of your management processes.
  • Quality control: Record and monitor quality specifications for different products so you can track the quality of materials. Be alerted when raw materials are received including the product number, lot number and warehouse location.
  • Lot tracking and traceability: Record the identity of any ingredient or product that is lot-controlled so you can meet industry and government requirements for warranty management and quality assurance. Assign inventory on demand from a particular lot based on customer demand. Achieve complete visibility of inventory and products for upstream traceability.
  • Production schedule management: Improve the efficiency of your machinery, set up times, resource use and labour to achieve more in every production cycle. Prioritise tasks and workforce variables to ensure production schedules are more refined.
  • Regulatory compliance: It’s simpler to meet TGA and/or FDA obligations and other legal requirements when you’ve got a detailed digital audit trail of each and every lot number. The sophistication of Sage means it can handle compliance issues across multiple countries.
  • Supply chain management: Greater visibility makes it easier to coordinate marketing, inventory, distribution and shipping across the whole enterprise, improving delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Balance precision and flexibility

Process manufacturers need technologies that help balance precision with flexibility in order to operate smoothly, adjust to input costs and market changes, and meet growing consumer demands for transparency and novel products.

With compliance responsibilities also looming large, integrated and reliable data management is a must—and well-supported within Sage Enterprise Management.

 Sage Enterprise Management can help process manufacturing businesses to take control, minimise risk and wasted effort, and respond faster to stay on the front foot.

Interested in taking a closer look at Sage Enterprise Management to digitise your process manufacturing business? Call us on 1300 045 046 or email to get helpful, qualified advice from our team.

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