Welcome to this week’s presentation of Sage Enterprise Management for Agribusiness. Today we will look at how the Sage ERP software can help a particular type of agricultural process: nuts production.

Businesses that operate in agricultural production, commonly known as “Agribusinesses” have a specific set of operational requirements. The challenges and opportunities highlighted in the KMPG’s report “Talking 2030: Growing agriculture into a $100 billion industry” show that the Australian agricultural economy has to fill a $41 billion gap to reach the 2030 output goal of $100 billion. To do so, technology innovation sseems to be one of the key winning factors.

AgTech and FoodTech Software solutions for australian businessesThe rise of AgTech and FoodTech in agribusiness is a primary example of how such technology innovation applies. From production inputs to processing, distribution and consumer interaction; all aspects of the agribusiness management process can see significant improvements through technology.

Precision agriculture, predictive analytics, marketplaces, robotics, drones, sensors, smart irrigation, animal data and more. The possibilities to create a “smart” agribusiness are endless.

At the core of this transformation, Sage Enterprise Management provides the ERP software platform that extends to all the management aspects of agricultural businesses. From production planning to customer interactions and backward traceability, Sage Enterprise Management also integrates seamlessly to any other applications and technologies in use in your agribusiness, to help you manage all aspects on one platform.


Sage Enterprise Management for Agribusiness: Nuts Manufacturing



In this demo tutorial, we are looking at how Agricultural businesses – in particular, nuts producers – can leverage Sage Enterprise Management to operate their production process seamlessly from a single dashboard.

Here is a sample nuts production process dashboard.


Steps to manage the nuts and shell manufacturing process


What we can see is a set of core management areas with drill-in capabilities to handle each aspect of the nuts agribusiness production process.


1) Managing Agribusiness Products


Managing your various products in Sage Enterprise Management Agribusiness - Nuts


This section allows us to set up all the necessary data about your agricultural products, in this instance “raw nut”.

  • Product identification information (Images, description,…)
  • Product management information such as lot tracking
  • Units of measure (Kilos, smaller or larger weights,…)
  • Suppliers – If you are receiving items from multiple suppliers you can set it up in the system
  • Additional product characteristics – add more info for each product if required.


2) Bill of Material is attached to each item


When nuts need to go through a manufacturing process to become grated, we can effectively see all the activities and product associated with that process.

Lot and batch number associated with the food product for traceability

  • Attach routings to products for specific procedures
  • Work centre can be specified within the routing (for example a machine)
  • Based on the component and cost centre you can get to the final cost for the particular item.
  • Batch number and lot number are attached to items, so you can always track your products at any time.


3) Grading / Quality process


Quality process in Sage Enterprise Management for nuts agribusiness manufacturing


In Sage Enterprise Management, the grading or quality process has three purposes:

  • Reporting the quality results with checking against mid/max value if required;
  • Adjusting the weight of mass with certain quality characteristics (such as moist) to cross check if they exceed certain target values;
  • Calculating penalties and bonus based on actual quality results – calculating extra costs such as cleaning, handling, …

This is to make sure that the production process follows some set quality standards for the output of your agribusiness.


4) Value tables


Value tables in Sage Enterprise Management are used to do mass adjustments and cost calculations.

Using value tables, helps you calculate levies and mass updates on moisture content for example.

  • Moisture mass adjustment – Over a particular period of time, if the moisture rate falls between a particular range then the system can be set to adjust the price accordingly.
  • Levi example – In a particular period, the levy that needs to be calculated is a certain percentage.


5) Managing multiple farms/plantations


Managing multiple farms or plantations in Sage Enterprise Management Agribusiness 

When farms are groupings of plantations, this can be managed within Sage Enterprise Management as a single system. Setting the system up to manage the harvest forecast for each plantation is also possible.

For each farm, you can manage information separately with still keeping your finger on the pulse of the group. The identification information includes things like:

  • Seasons
  • Business partners that are involved in the farm
  • Varieties planted
  • Any information for capturing cost
  • Identification information about the farm
  • Sowing and planting data
  • Surface description
  • Tenure type
  • Images and area description
  • Irrigation system
  • Managing production figures and forecasts
  • Work and workers information


6) Production Scheduler 


Agribusiness production scheduler in Sage Enterprise Management


The Agribusiness production scheduler in Sage Enterprise Management allows the planner to have a visual representation of how the process plant is tracking with regards to:

  • Planning resource planning and
  • Meeting the demand

The production scheduler can show a hit map of how your different resources are performing.

Another view of the Production Scheduler is the resource Gantt chart. This shows you the different work orders that are in the system and information about:

  • Machine
  • Quantities
  • Item tags for segmentation purposes,
  • Information about particular resources


Production Scheduler Gantt Chart view iN Sage Enterprise Management


The Production Scheduler also allows you to move things around if you can see that there is a bottleneck coming up anywhere in the production.

This means that you can reallocate resources to keep your agribusiness production line flow seamlessly without interruptions. You can move resources to a different work centre, insert planned scheduled maintenance tasks, add an extra shifting for example.


7) Purchasing


In Sage Enterprise Management you can use either a purchase order or a purchase contract (this is when you have contracts in place with different suppliers). If you have a purchase contract, delivery schedules can be provided within Sage Enterprise management and incorporated into your production planning – for example when you are expecting nuts from your suppliers to your management facility.

Let’s take as an example a pre-empted purchase order.

Purchase order sample for nuts manufacturing agribusiness with Sage Enterprise management


When nuts are delivered at the facility a number of activities can take place:

  • Sample assessment carried out
  • Load gets weighted in full
  • Nuts get offloaded
  • Load gets weighted empty
  • Figures are entered into the system
  • Purchase intake – The purchase Intake includes site, vehicle carriers, info about the vehicle, product and weight – Original and net weight of the load.
  • Transport details – can come from a file or be entered – transport amount.
  • Services – things like harvesting
  • Nuts Quality documents – Types of ratings that are attached to groups. You can then use this information to calculate the value that you need to pay back to your supplier. The system also creates the invoice for the delivery (so automatically you know what you need to pay to the supplier and what you need to pay for delivery).




The Agribusiness segment presents potential opportunities for producers to innovate, differentiate and capture a share of the $100 billion, 2030 forecast.

Technology, as described by KMPG provides a solid foundation to bring the vision to life. Sage Enterprise Management provides Agribusinesses with a scalable and highly customisable ERP software to capture that opportunity.

For more information or to schedule a personalised demo of Sage Enterprise Management Agribusiness, contact us on 13400 045 046 or email info@leveragetech.com.au today.

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