See how Sage makes it possible to manage data from all the sources your business relies on as part of a holistic approach to business management.

The numbers are hard to fathom when it comes to the amount of data being generated daily. Vast volumes of information are constantly being created and captured via a growing network of data points, including an emerging Internet of Things (IoT).

A white paper prepared by IDC in 2018 predicts the ‘global datasphere’ will reach 175 zettabytes by 2025. To put that into perspective, one zettabyte is about the same as a trillion gigabytes.

Unsurprisingly, it can be difficult for many companies to put all of the data available to them to good use.  

Both technical capabilities and business processes influence your ability to capitalise on data. The ‘insights value chain’ includes many components—security, data sources, analytics capabilities, IT infrastructure, talent, processes, and governance.

Organisations need to excel in managing all of these facets to be successful in gaining useful insight that they can easily apply. That requires a holistic approach.

Many mid-market businesses looking for unified information-sharing across their business may adopt an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, but then lack in-depth data management and modelling prowess.

Whereas Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management allows organisations to seamlessly combine a cloud-based enterprise solution with a powerful platform for data governance, analytics, and insights dashboards.  

Sage Enterprise Management and SDMA: a potent data governance combo

Sage Enterprise Management is designed with enterprise intelligence in mind. Flawless integration with data management and analytics from Sage (SDMA) makes for the rapid deployment of a total solution to help you manage operations, reveal insights and improve.

Extending the capabilities of Sage Enterprise Management with SDMA means benefitting from data from any and all business systems including a legacy ERP, third-party applications, websites and social channels, CRM platforms, Excel spreadsheets, and more.

That equips organisations to genuinely do more with the data they collect through:

  • A centralised hub to connect and govern data from multiple sources.
  • Pre-built data models that can easily be customised for your business.
  • Predefined calculations and analytics based on industry standards.
  • Role-based dashboards for finance, sales, inventory, purchasing, and production.
  • Business intelligence visualisation tools to effortlessly report on insights.

For example, the CFO dashboard comes with the key metrics finance leaders need to monitor performance and review trends relating to profitability and balance sheet ratios. Quickly see your liquidity, your debt ratio, and gross margin and profitability over time.


Extend your influence as CFO by enabling confident, data-driven decisions

Globally, 63% of CFOs believe they have the advantage when it comes to using data and analytics to drive higher returns on investment, and 80% plan on using advanced analytics and master data management tools in the next few years.

True influence in the C-suite comes from being able to recommend strategies for growth or risk management—conveying a high-level understanding of what’s happening right now and being able to guide decisions about ‘where to next?’  

Sage Enterprise Management integrated with SDMA doesn’t just make insights more apparent, it makes it easy to access the richer detail sitting behind. You can drill-through on cells and chart members to see the underlying transactions straight away.

That makes it faster to answer more complex questions asked by time-poor business leaders, or delve into the causes of patterns that emerge. Imagine having that kind of clarity on-hand when you present to your Board.

Consolidated reporting is also enhanced, which saves time for CFOs of group companies, or businesses with multiple entities. For businesses with a global footprint there’s also support for reporting currency and custom currency conversion.

CFOs are better positioned to exploit the untapped potential of data with Sage Enterprise Management and SDMA.

Ready to leverage data more effectively in your business using Sage Enterprise Management. Contact us today to get started.

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