Join us on a deep dive into the incredible functionality within Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) Production Scheduler, and discover how your business’ lead times could be slashed.

  • Does your manufacturing business struggle to forecast accurately?
  • Do you know exactly what you need to maintain throughput on your production line?
  • Do you feel confident in your planning, procurement and capacity to deliver?

Getting to a place where your answer is a resounding “yes” to all of these questions hinges on having the right tools to schedule production processes. One of the best tools available is Sage Enterprise Management Production Scheduler.

Integrated in real-time with Sage Enterprise Management, Production Scheduler enables manufacturers using Sage ERP to access feature-rich interactive planning capabilities and constraint-based finite capacity scheduling algorithms.


Is your competitor faster? Get smarter.

It seems obvious: your customers want delivery of their products as soon as possible after they place an order. Therefore, a shorter lead time makes your business more competitive.

But you’re dependent on raw materials, labour, machinery and all the other moving parts involved in production management that need to align to get products made and shipped.

If some aspects of the production line are working less efficiently than others, or you can’t adapt quickly to last minute changes, or you didn’t order enough of an ingredient, or you haven’t forecast demand with enough precision—suddenly things can get messy.

To remain competitive, your digital transformation approach should include real-time monitoring tools that help you improve scheduling accuracy and get a better handle on your production plan.

The recent IDC Worldwide Semiannual Digital Transformation Spending Guide revealed that the top investment priority for discrete and process manufacturers is in technologies that enable smart manufacturing, innovation and supply chain optimisation.

Whether your industry is process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, or you manufacture Configure to Order products—Sage’s ERP with the advanced functionality of Production Scheduler will support an integrated approach and streamlined processes.


Production Scheduler offers control and agility

Staying on top of production pressures is often a matter of excellent timing and preparation. You can’t prepare for problems that you haven’t anticipated. You can’t address problems without a clear view of your resources and capacity.

Production scheduler heatmaps in Sage Enterprise Management

Production scheduler heat-maps in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3)


Sage Enterprise Management Production Scheduler gives manufacturers the features you need to correctly forecast, plan and schedule manufacturing. By working with known constraints in your system, scheduling can be done in a way that ensures the maximum throughput is maintained while providing the flexibility to adjust to changes.

The features of Sage Enterprise Management Production Scheduler include:

  • Constraint-based finite-capacity scheduling: multi-criteria scheduling allows you to minimise constraints while achieving your objectives.
  • Load balancing optimisation: the system provides you with a list of useable machines or work centres.
  • Optimise set-up: reduce the time it takes for your assembly line to be made ready – the system can analyse multiple parameters and set up matrices.
  • Better manage resources: with the integration of MRP calculations, multi-resource scheduling and synchronisation between parallel operations.
  • Graphical and interactive schedules: plus application of changes in real-time (whether they occur in the plan or Sage Enterprise Management) to ensure all facets of your operation are on the same page.
  • Detailed schedule analysis: display the load at finite or infinite capacity to detect, and overcome production bottlenecks.
  • Configurable visual markers: provide graphical information about a specific constraint on any operation while you determine and implement a solution.
  • More control over plan timing: improve your ability to refine planning with partial scheduling with frozen periods that allow you to update processes to align with known constraints and planned downtimes.
  • Measure and analyse: track how you’re performing against KPIs and undertake an analysis of advances/delays.
Production Scheduler Work Orders in Sage ERP (Sage X3)

Production Scheduler Work Orders in Sage ERP (Sage X3)


Production Scheduler enables you to benefit from shorter lead times, faster and more confident decision-making, and fewer resource bottlenecks. In addition, you’ll feel more in control of issues such as capacity sizing, subcontracting demands, and work order replanning.


Leading manufacturers need integrated technology

The complexity involved in ensuring on time, in full delivery in a highly competitive industry driven by lead times, means high-level production scheduling tools are essential—but they must form part of broader business systems to be effective.

A recent article published in the Pharmaceutical Technology Europe journal highlights the fact the pressure to cut operating budgets in pharma and biotech requires a whole-of-business digital transformation that enables more innovative and cost-effective manufacturing.

“Systems and data that have traditionally resided in one domain or the other must now be bridged transparently so that they can be used to optimize business processes across all functions,” the article’s authors argue.

“Removing this friction allows operators and managers to gain access to plant-level information and leverage that data to improve overall manufacturing and quality management.”


Integrated systems provide a bedrock

This is true across all industries. Manufacturers need a comprehensive view of all business functions including production, finance, marketing, inventory, distribution and operations, to continue to scale and improve.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a bedrock technology for more unified business management. And Sage Enterprise Management is the ERP beloved by mid-market manufacturing enterprises that want to automate scheduling and production tasks.

Could your company benefit from Sage ERP and its Production Scheduler feature? Talk to one of our expert consultants today, phone 1300 045 046 or email

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